Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 66 - I'm just getting that I'm just NOT getting it

I'm driving home tonight from work and of course my brain is on overdrive as usual.  The author of a book I read once described it as having a Monkey Mind, my brain swinging from thought to thought etc.  Eventually, the monkey mind got to my always does and reflecting on the day.  I had three different friends talk to me at work today about their eating/fitness habits and two of them actually were looking to ME for motivation and inspiration.  I told  them I wished I had brilliant words of wisdom to share but I was struggling too.  Neither knew what to say to me..I always have the answer, I'm always the cheerleader...sisk boomba...hooo raahh??  Not this time gang...sorry :(

So the monkey is swinging away and POOF!!  guess what?  I'm still not getting the point my whole blog was created about!!!  Really???  I'm 66 days in and I'm still focusing on a damn number on a scale. My blog/concept is Fitter or Fatter at 44??  It's not I Need to Lose Weight, the Pounds Countdown, 179 or's "fitter" or "fatter" at 44...ok Stacey, you know what to do....

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