Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 57 - No really, today is Day 57!

I labeled yesterday as Day 57.  Hope I'm practicing better math with my calories than I am with my days..oops!

Today was Monday weigh in with the wellness coach, I suspected, not great.  It's ok, it's 194.  Sure doesn't take much to put on 6 lbs but damn, try to lose it and it's like pushing a rock uphill. <note to self: calculate calorie burn on pushing rocks uphill>

So today I barely made it through the day, I was so tired!  You know all the components interact with each other for and against us.  Eat poorly, don't exercise and feel "blah" so you have no energy to exercise and no motivation to do well.  Then the scale gives us our report card and that adds to the blah factor and it has to stop before it spirals right out of control!  So tonight I should have gone to the park or the gym or something but it's what, 8:30? and I'm barely awake enough to make sense.   I'm turning in early and you can't stop me.

I did well today, lots of sassy water, no soda (not even diet) and had vegetable soup and a low cal grilled cheese for dinner.  Plenty of good food to take tomorrow and with a good night's rest, maybe will have more energy tomorrow night. A few days of eating clean will get me going again.  Maybe I can get on the stepper while I'm watching Biggest Loser?  Even if just for commercials?  I love that show.

Hope you all have a great week and be good to yourselves.  Fight the good fight!

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